What we do

Collaborative solutions for all industry sectors

MP Building have worked collaboratively with our clients for over twenty years, offering a service that is unrivalled in the level of customer care and reliability.

We work across all sectors of the industry and offer satisfaction and expertise to both our client base and to the end users of our projects.  Engaging with the wider community and delivering on the aspirations of both the stakeholders and occupants has been the key to our success.

Whether we are liaising with directors of a manufacturing unit, communicating with a homeowner or assisting the school management team, we strive to offer solutions-based advice and a service that delivers on expectations and aspirations.

How we do it

Collaborative solutions for all industry sectors

To be a successful construction company working in a fiercely competitive sector we have had to perfect our problem solving and proactivity. With our large workforce made up of many long service employees, our team can provide flexibility during the construction process meaning that we are able to seamlessly negotiate changing requirements if a client makes requests throughout a project.

As leaders of construction in the commercial and industrial sector, we strive to provide building solutions that meet the needs and demands of businesses throughout Hertfordshire and London. Whether the work is renovation or refurbishment based or a completely new build, the team at MP Building use innovative methods of construction to provide real value to our clients.

If you have a commercial or industrial project in mind that you would like to discuss, please get in contact with us. We’d love to hear about your upcoming project.

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